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New Online Directory, Organic Yard, Simplifies Search for Authentic Organic Suppliers

“The search is over!” That’s the message from the founders of Organic Yard, the new and popular online directory that’s gaining ground for simplifying the search for genuine organic shoppers who want to connect with authentic organic suppliers across. The launch of the new platform is perfectly timed to coincide with the Soil Association’s Organic September campaign for nature friendly farming.

Organic food is one of the fastest growing consumer food and lifestyle trend in the UK. In fact, according to The Organic Market Report published by the Soil Association, 2020 recorded the highest year-on-year growth for the organic market in 15 years. The report revealed that consumers spent £50 million a week on organic products. Sadly, this boom in organic green living has led to an increase in greenwashing- a term used to describe companies either misleading consumers about the green credentials of a product or service, or misleading them about the environmental performance of the company as a whole.

But not anymore. Touted as the quintessential directory for everything organic, Organic Yard connects genuine organic shoppers to authentic organic suppliers in the UK. The platform features a carefully curated directory of some of the UK’s best organic suppliers. Organic suppliers are categorised based on the product or service they provide to make it easier for shoppers to find what they need quickly and easily.

Organic Yard caters to just about every type of green living from organic baby food, homewares and fashion to organic makeup, menswear and skincare. Shoppers can even shop directly from the website organic health products, organic male grooming, organic mother & baby, organic hair care and skincare products. Some of the popular organic suppliers listed on the online directory include Abel and Cole, Britt’s Superfoods, Ancient +Brave and Baie Botanique.

Organic Yard is the brainchild of Lynne Keary and her business partner Dr Nicholas Head. Keary explained that the idea for the platform was birthed out of difficulty of not being able to easily find organic products for her mum, who was diagnosed with advanced cancer and decided to pursue an organic lifestyle to maintain her health. She said: “I wanted to solve the problem by creating a place where shoppers can find genuine certified organic products. I also feel strongly about brands who mislead customers by marketing themselves natural and organic when they contain few of these ingredients. Greenwashing’ is a real problem today. It’s great to be able to support organic farmers that are working so much harder without the short-cuts of pesticides.”

Keary’s business partner, Dr. Nicholas Head, who holds a PHD in Sustainability, added: “Organic Yard offers refreshing view on what organic means, stands for and could lead to. Our company aligns with recent work from the Soil Association to answer these three pillars of an’ organic lifestyle and as a means of embedding this within the notion of well-being.”

But it’s not just about connecting organic shoppers to organic suppliers. Organic Yard is on a mission to educate consumers about organic agriculture, promote the benefits of organic living for health and the future of the planet and debunking some of the myths to empower consumers to make informed choices. Consequently, visitors to the website can access a variety of recipes, cookery books for healthy lifestyle as well as books for creating sustainable homes, clean green living and more. It also promotes organic events where you can also find courses and workshops.

The Organic Yard Directory is easy to use and is a reliable resource for those who want to choose organic products to better their health and improve the planet. The company is also actively seeking organic suppliers to join the directory. For further information or to browse the list of suppliers in the Organic Yard directory, visit:



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