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Organic Menswear

Our directory lists the finest organic skincare available today made from the very best natural ingredients, botanicals, and essential oils. Men's beauty is, at last, being taken seriously and now men are offered the same high-quality authentic products women have been able to enjoy. About time men took their half of the bathroom cabinet!

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Slim Fit Lean Dean Jeans

Must Have Organic Jeans

Nudie Jeans are hitting the mark perfectly in fashion for today, they offer full transparency on all their products, from the raw materials through manufacturing down to the transportation.


These Lean Deans are selvage jeans with a slim tapered fit. The selvage denim is made by Kaihara Mills in Japan and will develop a uniquely worn-in look with wear and washing. Finished with antique silver trims and splashes of bright orange thread, nice details that don't go unnoticed.


They recommend 6 months of hard, every day, wear before the first wash, if not longer. This way you will end up with a beautiful pair of worn-in jeans. Made in Italy using 98% organic cotton and 2% elastane, 13oz Japanese comfort stretch salvage.​ These jeans are an investment and fight against fast fashion....we love them!

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