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Organic Hair Care

Organic hair care is at last getting the attention it deserves, up until now organic skincare has been the focus. When you think a typical shampoo usually contains a mix of surfactants for cleaning, viscosity builders, solvents, chemical conditioning agents, and other components such as fragrance and, eventually, colour for commercial appeal. When many shampoos contain elements such as sulphates, sodium chloride, and silicones, all of which are harmful to you and the environment and are all associated with health concerns including skin and eye irritation; endocrine disruption; possible carcinogens; and developmental, reproductive, and immune toxicity. Knowing what ingredients are in your shampoo is the number one best way of looking after your hair, your health and the planet.

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Glamoriser London Hair Appliances


Glamoriser is a high profile hair styling appliance brand for over 10 years. It has a cult following as the brand that supplies innovative and unique products. Their products have won many industry awards and 5 star reviews.

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