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MAKE 2021 AN ORGANIC CHRISTMAS Prosecco is the perfect party drink for welcoming your guests and with such a huge range of organic this year, we wanted to bring you a round-up to what's available for Christmas 2021. Prosecco can be off-dry, dry, extra dry, brut and extra brut these terms refer to the sweetness of the wine, with off-dry being the sweetest, through to extra brut which is the driest. The DOC (designation of controlled origin) classification is more stringent and therefore means higher quality, with usually a higher price tag. Prosecco is best served chilled (between 6-10C). Like all sparkling wine, it’s best to drink the bottle soon after opening to enjoy the bubbles at their best. UNDER £20 Modi, Sorelle Bronca, Treviso £18 Drier than most Prosecco options, beautifully fragrant with a blend of sharp citrus fruit, honey and peach. Fresh and easy drinking. Origin:Treviso, Veneto, Italy Vintage: NV. Grape variety:Glera Food pairing: Aperitif, fish, salads Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Very light with mild bubbles, carbonation just above what you would expect from a Frizzante. Has a clean nose with a light tangy finish that lingers on your tongue. Perfect for Sunday afternoon brunches" Thomson & Scott Prosecco £17.99 Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco leads the way in promoting transparency in wine and wine labelling. The company cuts unnecessary sugar where it’s not needed; using 7g of sugar per litre compared to the 12/15g of sugar per litre in traditional Prosecco. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "We Love'd this one... it's light, dry and delicious. It's ver easy to drink on it's own and the low sugar means less calories is a massive bonus" Bianco Bio Frizzante, Casa Belfi NV £16.93 Light bodied, bone-dry and, without filtering or clarification, as hazy as a blizzard in a snow globe. Straw yellow with greenish hues, it has fine and persistent bubbles and flowery and fruity scents accompanied by notes of citrus, yeast and baked bread. This Prosecco has delicious buttery-spicy flavours. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 12% "Fresh, full of flavours. Easy drinking, citrus and earthy" The Wine People Proverbio Prosecco £16.29 “Proverbio stands for Prosecco Veramente Biologico or Truly Organic Prosecco. Produced by one of the original Organic growers in Treviso and made using vegetable protein for fining, resulting in 100% Organic, 100% Sustainable, 100% Vegan Prosecco. The finished produce is a purely produced, fantastic tasting Prosecco.” Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Very pleasant sparkling, gentle and delicate. The palate offers a great acidity and a mild yeasty note. Honey, nuts and a minty finish makes it truly refreshing." 47 Anno Domini DOC Frizzante £16 Anno Domini Prosecco - A classic Veneto aperitif, complete with the ‘tappo spago’ closure. Light and delicate on the nose, with notable floral, citrus and golden apple notes. These carry over to the tangy palate, where the gentle bubbles keep it easy drinking and smooth. Food pairings: Aperitif, or with light snacks or seafood. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% Crisp, fresh and very drinkable even moreish. I’ts a light fizzy with a delicious green apple mousse." UNDER £15 Bolla Prosecco £14.99 Brilliant pale straw yellow colour, with delicate, lingering perlage. Floral and aromatic nose notes typical of the variety. A delightful, clean, fresh wine with a long, aromatic finish. Grapes from the Prosecco Doc area. Vineyards are at an average altitude of 150-200 metres above sea level, facing south east. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Bright and crisp on the palate. Pears and green apple stood out on the palate. Dry and great acidity." Il Grillo di Santa Tresa Vino Spumante £14.50 If you want to try something rather different to prosecco then you've come to the right place. This golden, fruity Sicilian fizz is made from the Grillo grape, native to the sunny island, and all of its fresh Mediterranean flavour unfolds like the softest and most gentle velvet.It's an ideal aperitif but also partners beautifully with seafood. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 12.5% "Refreshing Italian bubble with acidity of green apples and unripe pineapple" Giol Prosecco £14.29 "This is a Frizzante (semi-sparkling), making it much softer in the mouth with a gentle, silky mousse from the small bubbles. Giol are the oldest winemaking estate in Italy, with records going back to 1427, and they say 'experience matters'!" Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Exquisite organic Prosecco with a clear platinum-greenish colour. Lovely fine, regular bubbles with a scent of spring flowers and pungent fruits. A very elegant and serious Prosecco." Giol Extra Dry Spumante £14 If you want to try something rather different to prosecco then you’ve come to the right place. This delicate, dry fizz is made from the Glera grape, and all of its fresh Mediterranean flavour unfolds like the softest and most gentle velvet. It’s an ideal aperitif but also partners beautifully with seafood. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Refreshing, with a good mix of bitter and acid tones." Villa Sandi Il Fresco £14 Pop the cork on an award-winning tipple with this organic Prosecco from Villa Sandi. Soft and fruity, it boasts hints of ripe, golden apple, pear and flowery acacia. This prosecco pairs beautifully with seafood, light dishes and canapés, and truly deserves a space in your wine rack. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Expect a soft, fresh palate with a fruity and balanced finish." Terra Organica Prosecco Rosé £13.99 Tucked away in the lush, rolling hills of northern Italy lies this family run winery with a passion for producing organic wines such as this organic Prosecco Rose DOC. No mass market, bland bottling … this is the real deal, Italy in a glass. The vines are checked daily to avoid chemical intervention and the vineyard is a haven of biodiversity. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "A refreshingly light, not too dry, deliciously fruity sparkling wine with hints of red berries." Terra Organica Prosecco £13.99 A refreshingly light, not too dry, deliciously fruity sparkling wine.
Giera, the Prosecco grape. Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, Northeast Italy. Planet Friendly Organic Wine, Deliciously fruity and refreshing, Made from organic grapes grown in Northeast Italy, Extra Dry, Vegan friendly, Suitable for vegetarians Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "It's fresh, light and zesty on the palate, with aromas of peach and green apples." La Gioiosa £13.99 Very pale straw yellow and fine, persistent bubbles. The aroma is fruity and flowery with hints of ripe golden apple and small mountain flowers. The dry, soft and flavoursome sensation on the palate is followed by a fruity and harmonious aftertaste. La Gioiosa is one of Italy's leading Prosecco producers. Owned by the Moretti Polegato family. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Really very good Prosecco. Fruity easy drinking and unusually medium to long finish." Pinot Noir Frizzante Prosa, Meinklang £13.25 Okay we threw this in to see if you are still reading, it's a nice alternative to Prosecco This organic, biodynamic, Austrian wine is a crisp, lightly sparkling drink. A light pink colour, one sip will have you thinking of fresh summer berries. Grape: 50% Zweigelt, 20% Pinot Noir, 10% St Laurent and 10% Blaufrankisch. Region: Burgenland, Austria Vintage: 2020. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 10.5% "Did we catch you out?" Corvezzo Prosecco DOC £12.99 This soft and fruity Prosecco is both organic and vegan friendly. A classic style with a soft fruity character, slight hint of sweetness, balanced well by fresh lemon and grapefruit/citrus flavours. A great party wine and perfect to enjoy anytime, this has excellent balance and persistence. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11.5% "An easy drink, great for parties." Giol Frizzante £12.00 Semi-sparkling Prosecco is always better for immediate drinking. This is a classic Italian drink, pale straw yellow with greenish highlights. It’s slightly delicate nose is wonderfully fruity with notes of green apple, peach and floral notes. Country: Veneto, Italy. Vineyard: Giol. Grape: Glera Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Our winner, we love, love, love this Prosecco with great organic credentials." UNDER £10 Giol Perla Frizzante, 2019 £9.95 You’ll taste it with this chilled-out version of Prosecco, with less full-on fizz, and more subtle, light, floral, fruity flavours. Perfect straight from the fridge, paired with grilled trout…and even better, no corkscrew required. Grape: Glera. Region: Veneto, Italy Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "We liked this it's very drinkable, medium dry and fruity with a nice light bubble." Organic Prosecco - Case of 6 £57 case of 6 (£9.50 per bottle) An elegant sparkling wine with flavours of lemon, pear and apple. Best enjoyed within one year of purchase. Pairs well with pesto pasta, scallops, and creamy cheeese. Grape Variety: 100% Glera Country of origin: Italy. Region: Veneto Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11% "Sparkling, dry Prosecco with flavours of lemon, pear, apple and floral hints!" Castellore Organic Prosecco £7.49 Eco-friendly fizz sourced from 150-hectare estate, 30km north-east of Venice. The grapes are predominately hand picked and gently pressed to ensure only the highest quality of juice is used. Grape Variety: 100% Glera. Country of origin: Italy. Region: Veneto. Bottle size: 75cl ABV: 11.5% "Beautiful. Crisp, nice and dry with plentiful fizz. Lovely notes of sharp crisp apples." Giol Mini Prosecco £5 From the oldest recorded winery in Italy, this miniature organic prosecco from the Giol Estate in San Polo di Piave is fruity and fun with soft bubbles that make perfect for those special occasions that ask us to charge your glasses and be upstanding. Grape Variety: 100% Glera Country of origin: Italy. Region: Veneto Bottle size: 20cl Alcohol content: 11% #organicwine #wine #winelover #naturalwine #vino #winetasting #instawine #winelovers #organic #winestagram #vinnaturel #winetime #vin #biodynamicwine #winery #vinonaturale #vinnature #italianwine #vinbio #vinvivant #wineoclock #sommelier #vineyard #winelife #veganwine #bio #wineporn #whitewine #rawwine #vininaturali #italy #vinobiologico #naturalwines #winemaker #vinnatur #wineshop #vegan #winegeek #biodynamie #terroir #vinoitaliano #realwine #winebar #repost #organicfood #naturvin #organicwinery #wines #wineoftheday #organicwines #winecellar #vinosnaturales #wineaddict #foodandwine

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