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Biodynamic Gardening For Beginners




Waltham Place, Maidenhead SL6 3JH, UK


January 22, 2022 at 10:00:00 AM


June 11, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM




Turn your garden into a haven for nature and produce healthy food

Turn your garden into a haven for nature and produce healthy food for your family and friends with our step-by-step workshops to guide you through the gardening year. Join the Biodynamic Gardening team in the delightful gardens of Waltham Place to learn the key biodynamic and organic practices that allow you to grow fruit and vegetables without the need for artificial inputs. From the first steps of planning a vegetable garden, to the final harvest of the year, we’ll offer you our expert advice and guidance.

Module 1: 22nd January 2022– Planning an Organic / Biodynamic vegetable garden
‍Main topics: Introduction to Biodynamic Gardening, Garden planning, Crop rotation and GreenManures.

Module 2: 26th February 2022– Sowing seeds and plant propagation
‍Main topics: The Biodynamic Planting Calendar, Open Pollinated Seeds, Potting soil recipes and Raising seedlings.

Module 3: 19th March 2022– Cultivation and fertilisation
‍Main topics: Composting, Soil cultivation, The Horn Manure Preparation and No Dig gardening.

Module 4: 23rd April 2022– Health & vitality: natural prevention of pests& diseases
Main topics: Natural teas (making and application), Biodynamic Compost Preparations, The Horn Silica Preparation and Crop maintenance.

Module 5: 14th May 2022 – Appreciation and guidance
A module for all participants to present their gardens and share the joys and challenges with the group.

Cost: £200 including refreshments
To book your place email:
Covid protocols in place.

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