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Sustainability has at the forefront for MADE ‘Because well-designed furniture shouldn’t cost the earth’. Their commitment to great design has extended into making better business choices that minimise our impact on people and the planet. For 2021, they are focusing on all the key areas where they can really make a difference and at Organic Yard we applaud them for the following commitments

1. Sourcing responsibly - making sure our key materials create less environmental impact, by selecting suppliers aligned with their core values, in their words “It’s not simply our business strategy, but our moral obligation”. 

2. Product packaging - they’re committed to making better choices so when you receive our products it’s easier to dispose of the packaging responsibly by reducing the amount we use – especially plastic.

3. Putting the good in bye - they are committed to circular solutions, tackling the tricky problem of waste by closing the loop. Need to make room for your new MADE piece? They’re partnering with donation platform Geev so you can give your preloved furniture a second home. Good for the planet, good for people.

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